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for the wild ones

I'm Shannon. A doula and birth photographer living in Rothwell, Northamptonshire. 

Becoming a mother changed every fibre of my being. My body and soul. Throughout my passage into motherhood, I could feel the stirring inside of me. Like a part of me was being woken. I'm here to help and support you through that transition. 

Education and intuition are so important when it comes to having an empowered pregnancy and birth. Our bodies are meant to birth babies, but not in the mainstream way we're told we have to in 2020. 

As your doula and birth photographer, I'm here to help you navigate pregnancy, the healthcare system, and to help you tune into your intuition. I want to help you rise to the challenge of birth. To help you embrace the intensity and transcendence. To empower you to make informed decisions and to give you complete confidence in your body's ability to grow and birth your baby. To capture all of the intimate details you're never going to want to forget. To believe in you wholeheartedly

This is for the women who crave connection.

can do hard things.


"There is peaceful, there is wild. I am both at the same time."

During pregnancy, we're praised for being unprepared and just "seeing how it goes" because birth is unpredictable.


It's time we took control and reclaimed our power.


Education, Information, Support and Empowerment are key. Together we rise.

Our bodies are made for this.

Prepare for and celebrate your transition into motherhood. Capture the transcendent moments of birth. Embrace it all.

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Due to the intense nature of birth work, I can only commit to 2 clients per month. This is to ensure you get the best of me and so do my family. If you're interested in hiring me as your doula, please don't hesitate to call me with any questions.

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