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 Empowering women to take control and embrace the wild in life. Supporting mothers through conception, pregnancy, birth and parenting.

Hey Sister,

You've chosen to follow your inner knowing and birth your baby at home. 

You dream of a pregnancy, filled with community, preparing you for birth.

You imagine the joyful moment you meet your baby for the first time over and over.

Community is necessary for motherhood. Without it, everything is so much harder.

As a birth coach and radical birth keeper, I'm here to walk alongside you during this transcendent time of life.

You don't have to do this alone.

Asking for help can feel hard.

But you are worth it. 

I walk alongside women like you during the magical time of life that is pregnancy, birth and postpartum. Supporting them to manage their own prenatal care, get clear on the birth of their dreams and overcome any blocks that get in the way. 

With one final push, your baby is born. You scoop her up onto your heart space. 'We did it my darling' you cry. Your heart is overflowing with love. You're home.

Say YES to welcoming in an easeful birth experience and NO to the traditional 'martyr' version of motherhood that has been engrained in us by a patriarchal society. 

Reclaiming birth, one story at a time.


Unearthing Your Birth Fears

A radical coaching package designed for those wanting to birth at home. I'll help you unearth your fears, flip them into affirmations, and plan your dream birth. Invest in your birth and start your journey into motherhood in the best possible way.

Radical Birth Keeping

Looking for someone to walk by your side for the duration of your wild pregnancy, undisturbed homebirth and postpartum period? Someone to listen without judgement, offer unwavering support and coach you through fear and into radical responsibility? Sisterhood is more important than ever, I'm here for you.

Motherhood & Birth Photography

Family & Birth Photography packages for those looking to capture memories of the best days of their lives. You're living it. I'll make it look beautiful.

Mother's Blessing

What better way is there to honour an expectant mother than a mothers blessing. A sacred circle filled with your closest sisters. We'll share stories, make flower crowns, and treat the mother like the goddess she truly is. 

Women's Circles

Ceremonious circles for wild women seeking connection. Birth story sharing, conscious conceptions, wild-birth and mother-daughter circles ran quarterly. Our sharing circles filled with meditation, breath-work and song, combined with hot cacao and ended with a gong bath are incredible. We hope you'll join us.

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hey sister

I'm Shannon

A radical birth keeper, feminist and mother, based in Northamptonshire. I guide women like you to hone into their intuition and make choices about childbirth that feel natural and powerful. I host women's circles and workshops, and offer private birth coaching sessions. After becoming a doula in 2019, I quickly realised that the mainstream birth model didn't feel 'right'. I enrolled in...

My Story

Your body is made to birth your baby.

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