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Birth Coaching

Helping you embrace your autonomous choices in childbirth, and preparing you for a fully physiological birth experience.

You feel deep in your soul that you want to birth at home, but you're unsure if you're capable.

y o u   a r e

The vast amount of information available on homebirth and freebirth can feel overwhelming. 

I'm here to help

A birth coaching session includes: 

- Getting clear on the specifics of your dream birth.

- Recognise and address your birth fears.

- Learning the biological blueprint of birth and the benefits of undisturbed birth.

- Help trusting your body's ability to birth your baby.

Sessions available:

Introduction to freebirth


Introduction to homebirth


Birth Coaching

Supporting women through wild pregnancies and home birth & freebirth of their babies.


Birth is a physiological process, sabotaged by the mainstream obstetric model. Women have been growing a birthing babies for millennia without 

medical intervention.

I'm here to help you get clear about your dream birth, to face anything holding you back by your side, and to watch you grow into the mother you were always destined to become.