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Starting March

Women's Circles

There is something completely magical about gathering likeminded women together in one place. The energy shift, the wholeness of it all. 

I am so excited to start facilitating women's circles. For now these will start as online circles, however soon I hope to bring us all together in person. 


Women's Circles

 Monthly circles and workshops covering birth, unlearning and cyclical living.

What's On?

Monthly Repeating Schedule

All About Birth

Do you love birth? Come and join me talking all about birth inside and outside of the system. Perfect for birthworkers, doulas, and women wanting to work in birth at some point in the future.

Burn Circle

Join me monthly, on the fell moon, to release what hasn't been serving you throughout this moon cycle.  First we ground into the space with a guided meditation, then we all take turns to share what we want to throw on to the fire. 

Motherhood Village Circle

The ultimate support circle for your pregnancy. Bring the women in your life who support you unconditionally. A space space to ask questions, share stories and be showered in love.

Dream Circle

Aligned with the new moon, join us monthly to call in everything you dream of and watch them manifest into reality.