Birth Coaching

Women are cyclical beings. Take control of your life by harnessing the power of your menstrual cycles.

Birth Coaching

One off packages and tailored birth support available.

The first step towards an autonomous birth, is taking responsibility for yourself. Using the tools learnt from Freebirth Society's Radical Birth Keeper School, I'll guide you through the conscious commitments of self responsibility.

Together we can plan your joyful undisturbed birth and work through anything that is getting in your way.

With the support of sisterhood, the powerful birth of your dreams can be a reality.

Birth Trauma Debrief

Did your birth not go to plan? 

Story medicine is so powerful. Sharing your birth story with someone who will listen without judgement is a great first step to healing from trauma. When you are ready, we'll look at how you co-created this story and see if you can get willing to take responsibility. It is in that taking responsibility that you can fully integrate the lessons from your birth and rise in your power. 

What's Included?

2 sessions for £120

Initial Session

- Space to share your birth story from start to finish. Every detail and emotion welcome.

- I'll be listening to the content and as well as the context, with no judgement and in full presence.

Next Session

- Introduction to some really powerful tools.

- Learn how to transform your trauma into power.