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Birth Coaching

 Birth is the biggest pivotal moment in your life. If every women got to experience a wildly powerful birth, the world would change very quickly. Don't leave your birth story to chance by 'going with the flow'. Take control, get prepared and manifest the birth you've been dreaming of. 

Studies show that preparing for your birth: increases rates of spontaneous onset of labour, decreases intervention and caesarean rates, and results in higher successful breastfeeding rates and lower rates of postnatal depression.

Birth Coaching

One off packages and tailored birth support available.

The first step towards an autonomous birth, is taking responsibility for yourself. Using the tools learnt from Freebirth Society's Radical Birth Keeper School, I'll guide you through the conscious commitments of self responsibility.

Together we can plan your joyful undisturbed birth and work through anything that is getting in your way.

With the support of sisterhood, the powerful birth of your dreams can be a reality.

What do we cover:

- How birth works (physiologically and hormonally)
- Variations of normal vs. actual emergency situations
- Uncovering your limiting beliefs and flipping them to best serve you
- Setting up your birth space and assembling your birthing team
- Relaxation techniques for labour
- Writing your birth plan
- Planning your postnatal period
- Wild motherhood (topics to research and planning for the best possible start)

Birth coaching can be booked as a stand alone session (covering a few of the above topics per session) or a package that covers everything to prepare you for the birth you've been dreaming of.