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 Here you'll find musings on life, birth and the messiness of being that fits in between. 


It's mainstream culture to pass your power over to healthcare professionals. Despite knowing you're pregnant, you have to get it confirmed by a doctor or midwife. You're told not to make a birth plan as birth is unpredictable. To expect pain. To be happy if at the end of it all you come away with a live baby. But that shouldn't be the gold standard.

Birth can be a wildly transformative experience. One that's filled to the brim of connection, intensity, love and joy. Postnatal depression rates are rising. Childhood depression rates too. Society is completely unsupportive of modern family life.

It has to start with taking back our power.

Research everything. Prenatal Vitamins. Pregnancy diet. Colostrum Harvesting. The hormonal blueprint of birth. Variations of normal birth. Vaccines. Optimal cord clamping. Vitamin K injection. Breastfeeding. Formula. Postnatal healing. Safe co-sleeping. Elimination communication. Gentle parenting.

Let's stop allowing other people to make our parenting decisions for us. There is no one who cares more for the wellbeing of a child than their mother.

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