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 Here you'll find musings on life, birth and the messiness of being that fits in between. 

I'm a Doula...

Updated: Sep 11, 2019

Hey loves, I'm Shannon. I'm a mum of two boys, Arlo and Nova and I'm finding this mum of two thing really bloody hard. ✌️ Since having my babies, I feel like something inside of me has woken up and I've grown tired of struggling.

Everyday I wake up, drag my sorry arse out of bed to collect whatever kid is shouting for me to be awake and start my day full of negativity. From there, it's a battle between being the mum I want to be (loving, supportive, space holding and fun) and the mum I actually have the energy to be (still loving but absent minded, a bit shouty, and just plain exhausted). It's had me thinking of the whole 'this shit is tough mama, everyone is struggling' message that's constantly thrown about. It's completely true. Yes, this shit is tough. And yes, everyone is struggling. So why, if EVERYONE is struggling, are we so accepting of it? 🤷🏼‍♀️ Why are we not all banding together as women and mothers to support each other? Why are we not providing parents with the tools it takes to get through triggering behaviour from our children? Guiding parents to become safe space holders for their children's big emotions? And why, if everyone is struggling, are people so damn afraid to admit they are? This shit is hard, but it's made a whole lot harder by a society that is at best, unsupportive.

Becoming a doula is my answer to those questions - a way to channel my passion for supporting women. I will be devouring as many self help, mindfulness, spirituality and parenting books as I possibly can and sharing everything with you all. I'm hoping this account will eventually develop into a platform that is a safe space for #wokemums. Women ready to empower each other, healing our own and the next generation.

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