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Thanks to the friends...

Updated: Aug 28, 2019

I saw a post being shared around the other day entitled 'thanks to the friends that stick around when I go quiet' but I don't agree with that.

For me, it's thanks to the friends who notice when I've gone quiet and check in on me. It's thanks to the friends who empower me to be better, stronger and braver. It's thanks to the friends who listen without judgement and are always there to support me. It's those that are not afraid to call bullshit on behaviours and situations that are not acceptable and do what they are able to support me through them.

In a world where we are being stripped from every type of connection that isn't social media, we don't need to be accepting when people withdraw or go quiet. Obviously we need to be tolerant and understanding of busy lives and a time poor society. But if we're going quiet for a reason, be that because we're not coping with juggling the kids, feeling really low and overwhelmed or having issues in our relationships, then support is what's needed, not a step back.

So here's to the friends that are always there.

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