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You want to birth at home, fully in your power. 


You dream of the moment you scoop up your baby onto your heart space - welcoming them home.


You hear women on social media, talking about their incredible homebirth experiences and you want that for yourself. 


You know deep down that you can do this. But something is holding you back. 


Unearthing your birth fears 

Fear is a natural response to the disempowerment that comes with the infantilisation of mothers in our society.



They prey on our ‘good girl’ personas and take advantage of our people-pleasing tendencies. 



Combined with fear, this is a sure-fire way to guarantee the majority will birth in the hospital.




But not you. 




You’re here because you’re called to birth in your own space on your own terms.



To step into radical responsibility and to roar out your baby where you feel most comfortable. 



With mounting pressure from healthcare providers, It can be a daunting decision to choose to homebirth.

It can be difficult to trust ourselves and hone into our intuition when we're constantly told to look outside of ourselves for everything.

Health, wellness, happiness, love, spirituality. 

Someone else always has the answer.



Stepping into our power and taking radical responsibility for something as important as birth can feel like a LOT.


I hear you.

This program will help you identify the fears holding you back and flip them into positive affirmations. 

These affirmations can be strung up around your birth space to help centre and guide you through the birth process.

This package includes:


Unearthing your birth fears journaling workbook

After booking, you will receive an email with the unearthing your birth fears worksheet. Once completed, you will have 5-10 birth fears or worries, that we can work with in our coaching session.


1 hour ‘fear to affirmation’ coaching session

Here we’ll go through 5-10 fears or thoughts you are holding onto about your birth or birth in general. We’ll work through them together, getting to the root of each of them and flipping them into a beautiful affirmation you can use during your birth and for the rest of your life.


Personalised affirmations created from our coaching session emailed straight to your inbox

Withing 24 hours, you will receive your birth affirmations as beautiful digital cards, ready to be printed and strung around your home, ready for your birth day.



Personalised guided meditation using your own affirmations

Within a week, I will record a relaxing guided meditation, filled with your beautifully written affirmations for you to listen to ground your into your birthing zone.




Get ready to confront your fears and turn then into powerful affirmation to help you harness your power in birth. Addressing your fears is the first step on the road to the transcendent birth experience of your dreams.




Unearthing your birth fears offer: