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Hey sister,

I'm Shannon. A radical birth keeper, feminist and mother, based in Northamptonshire. I support women to unapologetically embrace their autonomous choices in pregnancy and birth. To walk with them on the transcendent journey of becoming a mother and to encourage them to step into integrity in all areas of their lives. I host women's circles and workshops, and offer private birth coaching sessions.

I have two boys, Arlo who's four and Nova who is two. Becoming a mother completely changed the trajectory of my life. I could feel the stirring inside me, though I tried to ignore it. It took me until Nova was diagnosed with a cleft lip at our 20 week scan to 'wake me up'. From then on, everything moved pretty quickly. I became obsessed with researching toxins in our daily lives and how to be the healthiest version of myself for my children. 


After becoming a doula in 2019, I quickly realised that the mainstream birth model didn't feel 'right'. The vast majority of experiences I had 'in the system' could be classed as disappointing at best and at worst obstetric violence.  


In October 2020, I enrolled in the Radical Birth Keeper School by the Freebirth Society and everything started to fall into place. I realised I had the option to step away from medicalised birth and a system that in my opinion perpetuates abuse, and start coaching women to embrace their autonomous choices in childbirth.  

 I'm so happy you've found your way here. Let's get to know each other. 
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