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Mother's Blessing

Ceremony to celebrate the beginning of something beautiful.


Mother's Blessing

A mother's blessing is a meaningful, intimate ceremony shared between the mother to be and her family and friends. A sacred space held for them to connect with those they love most. Centred around them to help ground them into their birthing zone.

It is a time where                           is celebrated, wisdom is shared and the mother to be is nurtured. It is an alternative to a baby shower, inspired by rituals originating from several indigenous cultures that aim to prepare for birth and parenthood.

Together, we curate the perfect celebration for you. With activities including: light massage, henna bump art, flower crown making and birth affirmation sign making. Woven in with the sharing of food, readings, poems and ritual.

Pregnancy blessings can be organised by the parent to be or friends on their behalf.

Package includes: a planning session, shopping list, invitations, help organizing friends and family, help setting up, leading of the ceremony, henna for bump art and help packing away. Included in my radical birth keeper package but available separately.

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