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 Coaching, Pregnancy and Birth Support, Monthly circles and workshops covering birth, unlearning and cyclical living.


Women are cyclical beings. Our menstrual cycles are so much more that our fertility. They affect our energy, our passion, our drive and motivation. Depending on what stage of our cycle we are in, we are completely different versions of ourself.  Learn how to track your cycles, reduce PMS symptoms and ease discomfort along with how to harness the power of your cycle and use your cyclical nature to your advantage. 

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Joyful Homebirth Education

Take radical responsibility for your birth. Work through the mental, emotional and spiritual blocks holding you back and manifest your dream birth into reality.

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Birth Trauma Debrief

Story medicine is so powerful. Sharing your birth story with someone who will listen without judgement is a great first step to healing from trauma. When you are ready, we'll look at how you co-created this story and see if you can get willing to take responsibility. It is in that taking responsibility that you can fully integrate the lessons from your birth and rise in your power. 

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Unearthing your birth fears

A coaching session to help turn your birth fears into affirmations. You'll receive a workbook to fill out before our session, and after you'll receive printable personalised birth affirmations and a personalised affirmation meditation.

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Radical Birth Keeping

Prenatal care, birth support and postnatal support to make your wild pregnancy and freebirth feel easeful and connected. With at least 6 prenatal sessions, 6 postnatal sessions, and unwavering support throughout your birth, along with birth photography and a mother's blessing ceremony, this package is all inclusive. Authentic maternity care. 

Women's Circles

Magic happens when you gather likeminded women together. With society trying to ensure we are (and stay) disconnected from each other, what is more powerful that joining together and supporting each other. A space to share, dream and hold each other.

Mother's Blessing

Pregnancy is a sacred time. There is so much pressure on mothers to be to HAVE all the stuff for their new babes. A mothers blessing is a gathering of the closest women in your life who come together to support you to just be. Be the blooming mother you are.