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Frequently Asked Questions

I can't afford to pay all in one go, can I pay monthly?

Payment plans can be arranged. I'm very flexible with payment as I want to be as accessible as I possibly can be. 

How can I find out your availability?

I'm looking into having availability put onto my site somehow so it's easy for you to see if I'm free for your due date. However in the meantime, please pop me a message or email and I'll get back to you as soon as possible. If I'm fully booked for your due date, I know some other wonderful doulas and can pass you their information. 

How does the on call period work?

I will go on call for you at 38 weeks pregnant. I ask to be kept updated with all possible signs of labour to give me as much notice as possible. i.e. mucus plug, early contractions etc. 

Once you think 'this is it', call me and I aim to be with you as soon as I can, almost always within an hour, if not sooner.

How quickly is your photography turn around?

I give myself 2 weeks as the deadline for photography turn-around however I aim to have them back to you sooner if I can. This is to allow myself some grace with two young boys. I always provide a handful of images within 24 hours so that you have something to use as a birth announcement to friends and family. 

What happens if you miss the birth?

If birth happens quickly and I miss the birth, I will still come and take raw, natural photos of your golden hour and fresh newborn, and help you get settled. As I take photos in a photojournalistic style, this becomes part of the story of your babies birth. If I miss the birth due to illness or misjudgment on my behalf, together we can work out a solution we are both happy with.

If you have any other questions, please pop me an email and I'll answer as best I can, as soon as I can.

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